The Danish Collection SPRING 2024

Set the scene for your customers - a casual family supper or grand dinner party with beautiful dining furniture.
Our dining ranges come in different styles, from airy, Nordic-inspired designs to contemporary pieces, to chunky industrial themes in darker woods and metal features, all thoughtfully crafted to suit spaces big and small.

Enhance the setting with our extensive collection of stunning seating made from natural woodsto injection molded polypropylene shells combined with metal, soft velvets, durable PUs, and tactile fabrics.

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Within this collection craftmanship, quality and an appealing choice of material combine into a welcoming, spacious feeling. The backrest is ergonomically designed, as elegant as it is comfortable, inviting you to “move in” and never leave.
BEACON’s straight and spacious lines are finished off and enhanced by French seams, showing a classic touch to the trendy modular sofa theme, which offers multiple options for individuality.

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In FENWAY extra ordinary comfort, 70’s vibe and aesthetics unites in a collection of warm and inviting sofas, offering the most sought-after combinations - a stringent, yet soft design in a look where less is more.
With embracing softness, characteristic low arms, and backrests, FENWAY invites for a simplistic, stylish laid-back lounge feeling.

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Quincy, where affordability and style unite seamlessly. Discover the essence of comfort in a compact and sleek design with clean lines.
Embrace the cozy elegance of QUINCY, making sophistication accessible for your space without sacrificing affordability.
Upgrade your living experience with the perfect blend of comfort and simplicity – that’s Quincy.

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